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Ea Rhaeny Hunt

We’ve settled on:
Ea Rhaeny Hunt
(EE-ya Reigh-nee)

Both names are Celtic. Ea means “fire” and Rhaeny we take to mean “Small and Mighty”.

Mother and Daughter (and by proxy Dad) were discharged from the hospital this early afternoon. We came home about 3p and now mom is trying to get some sleep. Hope you enjoy day two/three photos below.

Thank you so much for all the outpouring of love and support. Ea Rhaeny is happy, healthy and well loved.

Baby Hunt is here.

Baby Hunt is breathing all by her lonesome–even hiccuping.

Hear baby Hunt's first hiccups extra utero.

Weighing in at 9lbs 7oz. She came out into the world on April 6th at 8:45p. After 16 hrs of labor and an Epidural, she was born by cesarean section.

She’s cute as can be and still not named.