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io-week one

We are loving our perfect little bundle… here are some photos so you can enjoy her too.
Thanks Unky George for our new camera!

Ea walks–officially.

So much is new!

It has been way to long since we have updated the website… sorry! Ea has grown in so many ways in the last 5 months. 10 teeth (including two molars), bunches of words in sign language and a few verbally too. It is amazing to see her absorb and organize.
Enjoy the pictures and videos… (:

Ea Eats Rice Cereal!!

Ea tries her hand-er mouth- at solids. She is just over 4.5 months and has really been eying us while we eat.

Ea watching Mama eat some Thai leftovers…

Ea eats from a spoon!

Rolling over

Ea rolling over, just shy of four months.

Sleep, Eat and Poop—Evacuate (everybody poops)!

One of my favorite jokes from childhood was:
Q: How do you get out of an Elephants stomach?

We have been determined to use cloth diapers all along, but when we were at Powell’s about a month ago, Katja found a book on going diaper-free with babies.

It makes sense that any human would be disinclined to sit in their own waste—especially an infant, who is already surrounded by myriad and overwhelming sensations.

This video is of Ea using Elimination Communication (EC), at two weeks of age.

A: You run around until you’re all pooped out.

…and yes, I’m not certain my daughter won’t resent me for posting this.

Baby Hunt is here.

Baby Hunt is breathing all by her lonesome–even hiccuping.

Hear baby Hunt's first hiccups extra utero.

Weighing in at 9lbs 7oz. She came out into the world on April 6th at 8:45p. After 16 hrs of labor and an Epidural, she was born by cesarean section.

She’s cute as can be and still not named.

Asa and Katja are getting married!

Welcome to our website! Right now, we are using if for wedding details (see menu bars in photos above), but keep checking in…. We will post wedding pictures, honeymoon thoughts, and general life updates as well.

Lots of love,

Katja and Asa