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Ea walks–officially.

So much is new!

It has been way to long since we have updated the website… sorry! Ea has grown in so many ways in the last 5 months. 10 teeth (including two molars), bunches of words in sign language and a few verbally too. It is amazing to see her absorb and organize.
Enjoy the pictures and videos… (:

Gonna getcha

Gramme arrived Tuesday—nine months and thee days after Ea’s birthday. Let’s see, the laundry-list of developments include sitting tight with six teeth, no crawling, (though every day it seems possible) & her first signing of milk on January 1.
We’ve been attending a weekly swim class with our friends Stacy & Sampson, going for weekly hikes with Alan and Eva, and a diet consisting of breastmilk and a lot of peas & blueberries.

Tooth Number #3!

Like this posting, Ea’s third tooth has taken 3 months to make an appearance (on 11/15/11), follow shortly by tooth number 4 (11/18/11; not pictured). Tooth number one showed up the day after we started rice cereal at 4.5 months, number two in early September at 5 months. We were expecting it to be here sooner, and to be a different tooth entirely, but we take what we can get. (:
On other developments, still no crawling… Ea refuses to stay on her tummy long enough to coordinate any movement. She has preferred to be sitting since she learned to do it. She still loves her exersuacer and her jumperoo. Her fine motor skills continue to improve. Since Asa and I have been signing many things for her (potty, milk, more, book, cat), I can see her babbling with her fingers just as she does with her voice. And singing and signing the ABCs is still a go to soother.
Her diet continues to expand avocado, spinach, peas, carrots, butternut squash, apples, oats, egg yolks. We move on to lentils next…
As for mom and dad, we are doing great. Mom got a new job just a couple miles from home. She starts in mid December, and is looking forward to a few extra hours at home and to being able to bike to work! Dad has been focusing on storing food for the winter. We have many, many jars of wonderful apple sauce, tomato sauce, dehydrated apples and pears, and delicious fruit leathers. (:
Enjoy the photos!

Sleep, Eat & Poop—ZZZ…

You always hear that babies do little else than sleep, eat and poop–but what isn’t said is that they manage to do all of these, in unbearably captivating ways. So the next three posts are going to try and showcase the classic infant trifecta.

Ea is just over a week old. She eats about every two hours, evacuates as frequently, and sleeps about 80% of the time in between those activities. Science suggests the time spent with lidded eyes is due to this stage of her development, which is primarily focused on growing her brain.

So let’s look at sleep.

Ea Rhaeny Hunt

We’ve settled on:
Ea Rhaeny Hunt
(EE-ya Reigh-nee)

Both names are Celtic. Ea means “fire” and Rhaeny we take to mean “Small and Mighty”.

Mother and Daughter (and by proxy Dad) were discharged from the hospital this early afternoon. We came home about 3p and now mom is trying to get some sleep. Hope you enjoy day two/three photos below.

Thank you so much for all the outpouring of love and support. Ea Rhaeny is happy, healthy and well loved.