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Sleep, Eat & Poop—ZZZ…

You always hear that babies do little else than sleep, eat and poop–but what isn’t said is that they manage to do all of these, in unbearably captivating ways. So the next three posts are going to try and showcase the classic infant trifecta.

Ea is just over a week old. She eats about every two hours, evacuates as frequently, and sleeps about 80% of the time in between those activities. Science suggests the time spent with lidded eyes is due to this stage of her development, which is primarily focused on growing her brain.

So let’s look at sleep.

2 Responses

  1. grandma neuk

    OMG she’s so cute!

    16.04.11 at 10:34 pm

  2. Amy

    I love all her facial exercises. So cute!

    22.04.11 at 1:09 pm